“Chiang Mai comes first” by Prachathiphat’s MP candidate of Chiang Mai 1st District, promoting his manifesto to make the democracy happens

The MP Candidate “No.11” of Chiang Mai 1 District from Prachathipat (Democrat Party) was greeted by beautiful bouquets from trader at Chiang Mai Night Bazaar when holding the election campaign today said “Chiang Mai should come first”.

Mr. Pornchai Jitnavasathien, President of Chiang Mai Tourism Business Association, run for an election for Chiang Mai’s MP Candidate of Chiang Mai 1st District and team got the warm greeting from trader and people who went spend at Chiang Mai Night Bazaar by given rose flowers for this Valentine’s day and they said to support his candidacy for Chiang Mai.

On 27 January 2019, Mr. Abhisit Vejjajiva, the current leader of Prachathipat and the prime minister candidacy has visited Chiang Mai to promote his party and support Mr. Pornchai on his campaign, also said he believes that Chiang Mai people will support Prachathipat much more on this election based on the bastion statistics. Moreover, Mr. Abhisit has a confident that the manifesto of Prachathipat are the best answer for helping resolve the issues of Thai people and country then asks Chiang Mai people to consider Prachathipat for winning this election.

Shongwut Tubthong; tigernews.tv report